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Accessibility for all our students at SupaJam is vital to their successful learning. 


You can find out about our accessibility arrangements at all our bases under Section 15 in our SEND Policybut to make things easier we've put the relevant information below. 

Drummer at SupaJam



From September 2022, SupaJam offers RSL’s Creative Music Industry (Entrepreneurship) Diploma at Levels 1, 2 and 3 (as an Extended Diploma) alongside Functional Skills at Entry Level 2 – Level 2 or GCSE.

SupaJam recognises that accessing the courses could be more difficult for students with SEND, such as physical disabilities or sensory impairments.


Those students who are physically unable to complete their work are supported through the means of alternate recording, such as using a scribe or the use of video evidence via a professional discussion.


No student will be omitted from an activity due to a physical or sensory barrier to their learning.

If a student requires a particular piece of software, such as JAWS or Dragon Dictate, then SupaJam will assess the requirement and ensure that appropriate steps are taken to access the software or appropriate equivalents.

Physical Environment

Physical Environment

In line with SupaJam’s Health & Safety Policy, the environment must take into account the needs of the students.


Those with mobility or physical difficulties may need support in navigating SupaJam or ensuring that all physical obstructions are removed.


Staff will be mindful not to make changes to the environmental set up unless absolutely required and not without first supporting any visually impaired students.

Students with sensory impairments will have the learning environment adapted to include, for example, braille room signs, cushioned table edges, seating arrangements, etc). This information will be taken form their EHCP’s.

For SupaJam at Swanley, there is disabled ramp access at the main entrance and at the fire emergency escape points for those students in wheelchairs in the main base.


There is no ramped access to The House and limited access to The Hub.

SupaJam Canterbury does not currently have any ramped access and therefore may not accessible for students who need to be in a wheelchair.

SupaJam Brighton does not have ramped access at the front of the building but students in wheelchairs may have access via the rear café entrance

Risk Assessments / Healthcare Plans

Individual risk assessments or healthcare plans are created for learners who have a disability or medical needs where specific actions may be required. This includes individual PEEP’s (personal emergency evacuation plans) in the event of a fire. These will be created at the start of the academic year.

Information – in line with the GDPR and Data Protection policy, subject access requests can be made to the Data Protection Officers in writing.


Please see SupaJam’s Data Protection Policy for further guidance.

College Bases

What we have done

  • We have worked with the specialist services (Specialist Teaching and Learning Service) in Canterbury to be aware of hearing impairment and provide staff with hearing impairment awareness, along with regular visits from the service to monitor progress of young people with hearing impairment.

  • Worked with specialist services (Kent Association for the Blind and qualified teacher for visual impairment) to ensure that young people with visual impairment are able to access the programme and navigate their leaning environment.

  • Taken into consideration individual needs of learners and made reasonable adjustments to their learning programme and support to be able to access the programmes

Work still required

  • We do not have physical disability friendly environments in Canterbury and Brighton as significant work is required with little space and resource to make significant adjustments to the environment.

  • We do not have induction loops for HI students.

  • We do not have braille resource or staff trained in braille.

  • We do not have care suites for learners who requires significant support with toileting needs.

  • We do not have our prospectuses or other key information available in large print or braille, or in audio format.

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