"SupaJam and I have had a long journey. I started as a student, then I became an intern and now I am a LSP. 

SupaJam has been an incredibly positive influence on my life and with that I have realised my potential and begun to build a career."



“My time at SupaJam was great. I met some amazing people and made new friends, some who I am still in contact with. I felt that my confidence grew in my time at the college and I learnt new things as well. I work in the building trade at the moment but more importantly I have done Black Deer Festival this year, and also Desertfest and the Waitrose Gala the past couple of years as well. I couldn't ask to work with a better group of people.”



"SupaJam have given me so many opportunities over the last few years, from completing my courses to gaining real experience in recording music and putting on events. Through them I've worked at three different festivals over the last couple of years, volunteering at Forgotten Fields, working as artist liason at Black Deer Festival and even gaining an NVQ whilst working at Neverworld this year. I really can't thank them enough, I've had so much fun and learnt so much in the few years and because of the confidence I gained through my time there I've made the first steps in starting my own business this year."



“To say SupaJam has turned my life around would be an understatement. From shyness and a lack of confidence, to then work experience at the X Factor, achieving the “Mother Of All Prizes” at the end of term prize giving, and now my first job. SupaJam has had a huge hand in shaping the person I am today, for the better, and the decision to come back as a LSP was a no-brainer.”

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