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As a student at SupaJam, you will be required to maintain a 95% attendance. If you manage to do this for the entire academic year you will be able to attend our attendance reward trip at the end of the academic year.

This year, out students got to visit Thorpe Park! Check out what they got up to below. 

To encourage good attendance, SupaJam has in place a system of first day calling. This means that parents will be sent a text/email on the first day a student is absent without explanation, to establish a reason for the absence.  This helps to identify at an early stage students who do not have a good reason for absence, or who may be absent without their parents’ knowledge. 


We also strongly discourage booking medical appointments or holidays during your timetabled days. If this is unavoidable we will require proof of the medical appointment or for you to complete a holiday request form 6 weeks before your holiday and return this to our reception.

Our holiday request form can be downloaded below or copies are available from SupaJam’s reception.

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