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Individual Needs

It is common for our learners to have experienced poor mental health, problems outside of school or college, or simply to have lacked the confidence and support needed in a mainstream provision.

Student and Teacher working at SupaJam

Because of this, we work with Local Authorities to tailor our programmes to each individual, supporting students with targeted interventions and specialist resources that help them to work towards specific goals.


Where possible we also provide access to professional counselling services.

We help our young people to focus on the future rather than the past, and make positive choices for themselves and others.


This helps us to establish the environment that we work in not only as a place of learning, but as a safe haven for all of our young people.


SupaJam Photography Event

Every student is celebrated for their individuality without judgement or prejudice.


We encourage a less formal learning environment, from quiet working areas, to communal break out spaces, to rooms designed specifically for those working on music software or wanting to play musical instruments.

Our focus within SupaJam is to develop the growth of each learner as a whole, embedding skills that will enable our students to succeed in life beyond SupaJam.

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