“My daughter absolutely loves coming into SupaJam, her panic attacks have stopped and her attendance levels are the best they have ever been. She tells me that for the first time ever she feels totally accepted by both staff and students and her self esteem and confidence seem to be increasing day by day.
 We are both so very grateful to you all for the amazing support that you give and for the caring environment that you create at SupaJam.  As far as I am concerned you have given me my daughter back and my daughter says that you have saved her life!”

"I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you for all you have done and continue to do in the life of my daughter. There have been a few milestones in Sarah's* life that have made a difference but none I can remember that have had such a positive impact on her as when SupaJam opened its arms and welcomed her to what seems to be like family.

I don't over exaggerate when I say I can look back and see this was when her life began to truly turn around and she began to engage in positive activities and believe in herself again. Sarah has had some real tough things to deal with in her life and we were very concerned for her a couple of years back, but her journey with you guys has been immense, she has gone from strength to strength and been amazed at the love and support she has felt from you and the team there so thank you again."

* pseudonym

"SupaJam actually got my daughter out of a very bad situation she was in and helped her turn her life around. She now has a goal and a focus in life, in some ways I would go as far as to say it saved her life. The staff always go the extra mile and are so dedicated to the pupils it's almost unbelievable. I have nothing but admiration and respect for all the tutors at SupaJam for their hard work and determination to see all their pupils excel in what they are good, they are all such a lovely bunch of pupils too! They are all very talented in their own way as the end of term gigs have shown. My daughter has grown in confidence since she has been at SupaJam and is beginning to realise her own self worth which is something she never has before. She still has a lot to learn and is looking forward to joining you all again next year."- Sarah Millin

"You will never feel left out of this college. Whether you're mentally or physically disabled, whether you're of a different colour or if you've come from a different background, SupaJam will always be there to give you a warm hug. They're almost like a family. A family that I'm proud to be a part of."- Michael DeMicheli, a current level 3 student

“Since joining SupaJam my son has excelled. He is eager to go to college at all times. Not only has he changed as a person, this has also been reflected in his grades and he is determined to get distinctions all the way through the course.  He is also talking about going to university which is his goal now after he has completed all levels of SupaJam.
So I would like to say thank you for the difference SupaJam has made to us as a family and to my son because he is doing something that he loves.” 

"Since starting SupaJam we have seen Samuel's confidence and social skills grow. Not only is he really happy but he is getting amazing opportunities within the music industry, the recent Black Deer festival is something he will remember forever. As parent's of a student with additional needs, we have been impressed with the care and attention given to supporting him. I am pleased that he will be progressing onto level 3, an amazing achievement and not one he would have done without SupaJam."- Lynn Green

"SupaJam is a fantastic college which has provided superb opportunities for my daughter to learn and develop knowledge and skills about all aspects of the music industry. Adopting a holistic approach they have also helped her develop her confidence and personal skills."- Sarah Hooper