SupaJam has closed until after the Easter holidays. Please see these letters for further information. Any further updates will be sent via text and will also be posted on this page.

  • If students are healthy, they will be expected to work from home on their normal timetabled days. 

  • If students fail to engage with the home tutoring in the event of a closure, they will risk failing their qualification as we will not be able to catch-up multiple students when we reopen. Students must stay on track as much as possible. We recommend that parents encourage students to treat the day as a normal college day; get up at the normal time, get showered and dressed and follow the regular timetable of the day (this can be found under 'Student Life' on this website). 

  • If your child is sick and unable to work, you must contact us using the normal lines of communication, our reception staff will be manning the phone lines remotely. 

  • All students need to ensure that they can access their Gmail inboxes. If you can't, please email 

  • Staff who are not ill will Google Meet with students to assist them with their work. These meetings will be recorded for safeguarding purposes. 

  • Below is a step-by-step of how to Google Meet with staff so students can continue with their work. 






For more detailed guidance on how to stay healthy, please see the NHS advice page and watch the video below:

How to Google Meet

Original Closure letter


Update letter issued 24/03/2020

Update letter issued 31/03/2020

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