At SupaJam, we teach the RSL Music Practitioner Business Diploma at Levels 1, 2 and 3 in a structured yet informal teaching environment, that successfully builds self esteem, aspiration and a desire to learn in our young people. 


This modular, full time programme (540 GLH) appeals to a wide variety of young people and provides a comprehensive understanding of the music industry and its constituent parts, translating seamlessly across a variety of other industries.



































A selection of modules covered in the diplomas include:


  • Studio Audio Mastering- Mixing and mastering given audio tracks for a finished product. 


  • Remixing and Production- Producing two contrasting remixes of a given piece of music.


  • Music Marketing And Promotion - How to get your key selling points across to customers.


  • Understanding Event Health and Safety - Understanding the importance of health and safety at live music events.


  • Organising a Music Event - Organising a live music event that makes a profit.


  • Live Sound Engineering - How to record and mix musicians in the recording studio.


  • Composing Lyrics- Writing your own original lyrics to a song. 


  • Sound Recording- Plan and create a multi-track recording of an ensemble of at least four instruments or voices.


  • Setting Up A Music Business -  Identifying common traits and characteristics of entrepreneurs and evaluate your own abilities, skills and traits. Following this, you will develop a business idea and an action plan.


All of our classes fully integrate EHCP students, NEET’s and students with physical disabilities, working together and supporting each other. This further enhances the unique atmosphere at SupaJam and generates a more life realistic working environment.


Our lessons are structured to allow our learners to achieve at their own pace with additional Teacher and LSP support both in and outside of lessons.

Remote Education Provision Guidance:

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