Natalie Willbourn- Headteacher of Orchards Academy

"Over the last 18 months we have been very fortunate as a school to be able to work alongside SupaJam and its founders David Court and Nick Stillwell. It is not often that you can truly use the word inspirational but the opportunities on offer to the most vulnerable young people is just that - inspirational.”


Viv Snaith- CXK

“As a CXK Practitioner working for some years with vulnerable young people, I refer to many different types of training provision in the North Kent area. I have been referring to SupaJam for the past three years and have watched them grow as a unique provision. 

SupaJam provide a supportive, nurturing educational environment, taking the time to get to know the learner and tailor the programme to their individual needs. 

This could range from one to one tutoring to small group activities concentrating on a single element. Whether it is concerning music or maths, if the need is there they will endeavour to meet it. 


SupaJam offers any young person a diverse programme with achievable progression routes, whether they are starting at Entry Level/Level 1 or L2.  

Everyone is embraced, regardless of their previous academic or social history and as an individual made to feel valued, with their achievements celebrated.”


Norma Rice-
Medway Youth Trust

“Thank you to SupaJam for the incredible support that you have given our young people. 


The opportunities that you have offered them have really unlocked new regions of learning and enabled learners to progress in their chosen career more than any other provider that I have experienced. 


The passion from your staff contributes to a place to learn that encourages young people to relax and displays a none threatening environment that is both encouraging and accepting to all levels of learning.”

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Pearl Barnes MA- SEND Consultant

“The main area of strength is viewed to be the leadership and management of the setting, which promotes high standards, whilst balancing against the individual needs of students. SupaJam promotes positive values and a culture where each person, whether professional or student, are valued and supported. The positive ethos permeates across the whole setting and supports positive engagement”