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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, which is why we encourage our students to arrive from 9am so they can enjoy free cereal and toast before they begin their day of learning. 


We do not have canteen facilities for our students at Swanley or Canterbury. However, we have a microwave, fridge, toaster and a range of food, kindly donated by a local food bank, that our students can enjoy for free. Students can also take this food home for their families. 

To encourage student's independence and life skills, we also offer a cooking club where students can cook pasta, curry, fajitas and other delicious dishes with guidance from staff. 

Alternatively at lunch times, students can visit Swanley or Canterbury town centres (either unsupervised or supervised by staff) where there is an Asda and other shops where they can purchase food.


Fresh drinking water is available from the water cooler in all our Common Rooms.

We also have a tea urn and free tea, coffee and milk for students and staff. 

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