Enrichment is the part of the SupaJam day where the college erupts into musical marvelousness. Each student has the opportunity to take part in a targeted group such as Choir, Band, Sound & Lighting, Music Production and Art Projects, led by our amazingly talented staff. We want to allow students to try something new and develop skills that they have covered in the modules. Enrichment has a big focus on collaboration, bringing students together from each year to work together towards an end goal.

Within Practical Musicianship students have the opportunity to develop themselves as practical musicians focusing predominately on performance, this also includes but is not limited to, production, song writing and instrumental lessons. Students will have the opportunity to work towards internal and external performances and develop practical skills that can be  utilised within the music industry.

In Level 1 there is a big focus on their identity as musicians, looking at a variety of genres, performance techniques and themes over the course of the year.

In Level 2 & 3 students will have the opportunity to put together their own live music set focusing on repertoire, working towards a performance module.