SMSC stands for Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural studies. Within the curriculum, students will develop a broad knowledge of British Values, Equality & Diversity, Independent Life Skills, Charity & Community Work, Healthy Lifestyles and Career Development. We aim to ensure that students leave SupaJam with the skills necessary for adult life, the working environment and independent living. SMSC lesson are once a week and incorporate project based learning and hands-on activities to embed the topic of each term. SMSC also provides learners with a safe space to discuss current affairs and explore who they are as individuals.


At SupaJam we recognise the importance of integrating British Values into our curriculum. We do this via structured SMSC lessons once a week but by incorporating them into daily life at SupaJam.


The British Values are:


  • Democracy

  • Rule Of Law

  • Mutual Respect 

  • Tolerance

  • Individual Liberty

If you would like anymore information about SMSC or British Values, please speak to your teacher