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Award-Winning Post-16
Specialist Music Education Provider

Colleges in Swanley, Canterbury and Brighton


SupaJam is a unique group of Post-16 specialist music colleges based in Swanley, Canterbury and Brighton. We offer carefully and individually tailored placements to students who are looking for an inclusive alternative educational provision. 


Our ethos is to provide a kind, supportive and non-judgemental educational experience that puts the students at the heart of everything we do, allowing them to thrive and achieve their full potential.

The learners at SupaJam are at the heart of our curriculum and our intent is to prepare them for adulthood and their next steps. Through our curriculum we teach relevant vocational and Maths and English skills for the music industry in a sequenced, supportive and accessible way so that all learners, regardless of need, can access course content and reach their full potential. We encourage our learners' personal development through building independence and skills to thrive in the community.

Students have opportunities to demonstrate these skills both inside and outside of the classroom and through industry related practical work experience. Our aim is for students to thrive, grow, and discover a love of learning that will continue long beyond their time at SupaJam.

Our students are aged 16 to 19, or up to 25 with an EHCP, and share a passion for music or learning about the music industry. 

“SupaJam has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I've made friends, I enjoy learning about everything and I feel I matter. It's made me want to go to University.”

SupaJam student July 2022

SupaJam students performing on stage

SupaJam students performing with legendary US singer Frankie Perez at Black Deer

SupaJam Logo Mascot Colin the Dog

Our Mission

To help young people with special educational needs who have fallen out of mainstream education engage, achieve and progress into further education or a career in music.

Our Ethos

To be forward thinking, caring and encouraging whilst providing a structured, safe and non-judgemental learning environment that allows all our young people to build confidence and achieve to their full potential.

Message from our Co-Founders

When we first launched supajam Education with only 7 students in 2013 after successful careers in film, television and music, we could never have envisaged how much it would have grown.

Now with over 130 students, and three bases in Swanley, Canterbury and Brighton, supajam has successfully harnessed the power of music to engage young people to help them to access the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in later life.

Supajam is built on three fundamental values; kindness, support and non-judgement. This creates the foundation for an environment which is safe, inclusive and also progressive for our young adults, particularly those who are looking for an alternative provision to mainstream education.


We hope you find this website helpful but please do contact us if there is anything further you need.

David Court and Nick Stillwell

Co-Founders and Joint CEOs

Co-Founders of SupaJam leaping in the air

7 Reasons to join SupaJam

We support disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, many of whom have never achieved a qualification. We aim to help them to focus on the future, rather than the past, with encouragement, positivity and a high level of support.

supajam is growing

We currently have 3 bases that feature live performance, podcast, recording facilities, and deliver courses covering all aspects of the music industry.


One of SupaJam's key partners is Black Deer Festival where students have the amazing opportunity to manage our very own SupaJam stage.

Solving Math Equations


In 2019, SupaJam was awarded 'Good' by Ofsted, with Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare noted as having Outstanding features.

Swan Studios-Student Playing Baby Grand Piano


We develop all areas of our students' lives, through a curriculum enriched with music, life and work-ready skills, guest speakers, trips and celebrations of culture.

Image containing Swanley word

Our Swanley base gives students opportunities to experience live music, with regular performances in our venue and the opportunity to record in our professional recording studio.

Image containing word Canterbury

Our Canterbury base focuses on radio and podcasting, allowing students the opportunity to run their own radio station.

Image containing word Brighton

Our Brighton base features a state of the art photographic studio and focuses on music photography and journalism.

Supajam Supporters

Our College Bases

Every SupaJam base delivers courses that cover all aspects of the music industry, including music technology, live performance, recording, marketing, social media, broadcast radio and podcasting. 

SupaJam Swanley Cat Logo

Where it all began...

Swanley's speciality is live performance and recording at its state of the art recording studio and live venues as well as radio and music technology.

SupaJam Canterbury Squirrel Logo

Canterbury tales...

Canterbury's speciality is podcasting and broadcast radio with its top of the range radio studio and radio station, as well as recording and music technology 

SupaJam Brighton Seagull Logo

Newly opened in 2022

Brighton's speciality is music journalism and photography as well as radio, music technology and recording.

SupaJam Student at microphone

“SupaJam and music have saved my life. For the first time I want to get out and be with people. I never did anything at school but at SupaJam I matter and that's the best feeling in the world.

- Emilia, student July 2022

SupaJam student at microphone

“The memories I have created here will not be undone because I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear I will always remember when I was at SupaJam because SupaJam is a place for hope.”

- Teddy, student

Supajam Partners