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Careers and
Progression Support

Inspiring our students to become confident, independent and motivated to develop their aspirations and take ownership of their onward progressions.

Photographer Student at SupaJam
Natalie Morgan Headshot

"I'm Natalie Morgan and I run Careers and Progression at SupaJam. We offer an extensive Work Ready programme to support our students with their next steps after SupaJam. If you have any questions about our programme please email me directly on:

"I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Creative Industries Festival in Margate. I left clear in my mind that I can progress in the music industry as a neurodiverse musician"

Bradley, Level 3 student, Canterbury

Our services include:


  • Interview skills development 

  • CV writing 

  • Job searching

  • Work Experience

  • Application support for jobs, UCAS and Higher Education, supported internships and apprenticeships. 

  • Advice and Guidance sessions run by the SupaJam Careers Lead and CXK

  • Additional 1:1 support for learners transitioning beyond SupaJam

  • Local Labour Market information and jobs of the future

  • Access to a dedicated ‘support for schools’ representative from the DWP, visiting throughout the year to deliver employability workshops 

  • In house careers days and external careers events

Careers Days
Careers Day at SupaJam

Careers Days

Careers days are the main careers event of the year, providing learners with opportunities to meet employers, talk to colleges and universities, and gain further information on options available to them post- SupaJam.


Learners participate in guest talks, Q&A sessions and panel discussions with industry professionals, and have the opportunity to attend a number of industry related workshops. We always aim to provide a cooked lunch for our students, staff and guests, followed by a gig to finish the day with songs our students have been working on.

Employability Workshops

We host a number of music industry workshops each year across all our bases at to enrich learners understanding of the music industry and it's associated roles. 

Some recent workshops across our bases include:

Abi Doyle - Sony Music  / Syco on how music artists are selected and streamed through the various departments of a record label.


Emma Reynolds - Stage Manager of the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury workshopping with our students about what's involved in running a busy music festival stage.

Matt Biffa - The Harry Potter Music Supervisor workshopping how music is selected for film and TV from beginning to end.

Bev Burton - World famous artist booker running dedicated workshops on how to book a band or artist, the legal complexities involved and how to problem solve the inevitable artist tantrums.

Gill Tee - Award winning music festival promoter workshopping the how to start a festival and keep it running consistently.

SupaJam Workshop in a Classroom
Employability Workshops
SupaJam Students and Awards

Alumni students

Once our students have completed their studies with us, we never really say goodbye. We continue to check in and support our alumni students for the first year beyond their course end date, and offer continued support in helping them progress towards their career goals.


We are then available for past students to reach out if they are in need of specific career support, if they are looking for work experience, or if they just want to visit and say hello. 


Some of the activities we offer for alumni include 


  • 1-1 support sessions that offer guidance on next steps in further education or employment. 

  • Employability support such as CV writing, job searching, further education applications, job applications. 

  • A visit to the students’ new education placement or place of work.

  • Work experience opportunities at SupaJam’s Swan Studios and The Machine Room.


Can you help us deliver more opportunities?

We are looking for employers, colleges, universities or people within the creative industry that can offer the following


  • Work experience placements

  • Job opportunities

  • Guest talks

  • Workshops 

  • Taster days/tours


Are you interested in supporting our students progress along their career paths?


Then please get in touch!


Please download and complete the Application for Provider Access here and contact our careers lead Natalie Morgan on 

Couple singing at the microphone
Employer Info

More information

All key stakeholders are able to access information on our careers programme via this website.


As well as information about opportunities and interventions we provide access to a published copy of the SupaJam's Work Ready Programme. You can download a copy of this HERE.

Pupils are able to get information about how to access activities that form our careers programme within newsletters, form time updates and notice boards.


All staff are given the opportunity to attend CPD around our careers programme and updates on changes. 


The impact of our careers programme is measured through the future skills questionnaire. 

SupaJam speaks to each leaver on a personal level where we derive the impact of our careers programme on an individual basis gaining additional insights into what strategies need to be put in place for the following year. 


"SupaJam still supports me though I'm a former student, after leaving SupaJam I was struggling to look for employment but SupaJam once again saved my life by taking the time to look for placements that needed the type of personnel that I aspire to be. I am now trying these places out which I'm positive that these will god willingly suffice myself."


Faheem Nasir 2021 SupaJam Alumni

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