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Maths & English
Functional Skills

Providing a positive attitude to learning functional skills.

Skills lesson at SupaJam
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"At SupaJam our Functional Skills curriculum is designed to integrate students' interests into all aspects of the syllabus and is taught in small groups to help ease any anxieties students may have."

Teacher at SupaJam

Improving Numeracy, Literacy and Reading skills is a core offer within SupaJam. We teach Functional Skills from Entry Level 3 to Level 2, and GCSEs.

Students receive up to four English and Maths lessons per week, working with a dedicated team of Functional Skills and GCSE staff, working in small groups to build our students’ knowledge, confidence and desire to learn. 

At SupaJam we set out to achieve a positive attitude towards English and Maths GCSEs and Functional Skills, acknowledging that many learners have struggled for a number of reasons with these subjects.


For EHCP students, we look to understand what level of English and Maths they have previously achieved then carry out our own assessment. 


In addition our specially created Functional Skills syllabus is integrated into each Music Practitioner module allowing for Maths and  English skills to be enhanced during the diploma course work.  Dependant on their EHCP requirements, individual and small group work with Functional Skills and GCSE tutors further builds our student's knowledge, confidence and a desire to achieve.

Skills Lesson at SupaJam

GCSEs have set exam dates that every educational provider in the country has to follow, including SupaJam. If a student misses a GCSE exam, there may be an opportunity for them to take it the following November. If they have already been entered this may incur a charge depending on their reason for missing the exam. 

Functional Skills exams are much more flexible. Students take Functional Skills exams when they are ready to at any point in the year. They will then be told if they passed or failed after a couple of weeks. If they have passed, they will be moved onto the next level. Certificates will be issued at the end of the academic year and will be given directly to the students or posted to the address we have on file for them. 

Due to the disruption that Covid 19 has caused to students' Maths and English learning, we are utilising the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) 16-19 tuition fund (2020-2021) to help improve their progress in these subjects. Our 16-19 Tuition Fund Statement is below. 


of students said they enjoyed their English and Maths lessons*

* Dec 2022 Survey



of students felt they had learnt additional skills within SupaJam


Student and Teacher at SupaJam

"My teacher makes learning the subject very fun and he is willing to spend lesson time with me to help me learn any math topics I don't fully understand."

- SupaJam student

Student working on laptop

"My teachers have truly helped me to flourish with my Maths and English skills over the past year.'

- SupaJam student

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