Senior Leadership Team

Nick Stillwell

Nick Stillwell: Joint CEO

David Court

David Court: Joint CEO

Becca Walker

Becca Walker: Director of Programmes

Dan Broad

Dan Broad: Director of SEN

Hannah Goslett

Hannah Goslett: Director

Deputy Centre Manager & Middle Management

Sammi Hastie

Sammi Hastie: Centre Manager - Swanley

Simone Brown

Simone Brown: Teaching, Learning and Assessment Manager

Jules Abrams copy

Jules Abrams: Safeguarding Manager

Natalie Morgan

Natalie Morgan: Careers & Transition Manager

Stef Hallett

Stef Hallett: DSL & Student Support Manager

RSL Teachers

Guillermo Martinez

Guillermo Martinez: Teacher

Leo  Babi

Leo Babi: Teacher

Sam Cox

Sam Cox: Teacher

Guy Denning

Guy Denning: Teacher

Simone Edwards

Simone Edwards: Teacher

Annie Brazier

Annie Brazier: Teacher

Dan Hemsley

Daniel Hemsley: Teacher

Barbara Maggs

Barbara Maggs: Teacher

Jake Miller

Jake Miller: Teacher

David Nevitt

David Nevitt: Teacher

Jed Sharpe

Jed Sharpe: Teacher

Jon Liversedge

Jon Liversedge: Teacher

Functional Skills and Additional Programmes

Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston: Additional Curriculum Teacher

Riannan Morris

Riannan Morris: Alternate Programme Teacher

Kass Court

Kass Court: Functional Skills Consultant

Natalie Woods

Natalie-Rose Woods: Functional Skills English Teacher

Jack Hancock

Jack Hancock: Functional Skills English Teacher

Administration and Pastoral Support

Charlotte O'Brien

Charlotte O'Brien: Senior Administrator

Ashley Foreman

Ashley Foreman: Administration Assistant

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith: Receptionist and Administration Assistant

Becky Summers

Becky Summers: EHCP Administrator

Harvey Cave

Harvey Cave: Student Progression and IT Technician

Lisanne Fry

Lisanne Fry: Counsellor

Hayley Cavanagh

Hayley Cavanagh: Behaviour & Wellbeing

Immy Bawtree

Immy Bawtree: Pastoral Support Practitioner

Learning Support Practitioners

Glenn Sandford

Glenn Sandford: LSP

Nicole Brady

Nicole Brady: LSP

Joshua Bolton

Josh Bolton: LSP

Charlie Winder

Charlie Winder: LSP

Anastasia Pybus

Anastasia Pybus: LSP

David Griffiths

David Griffiths: LSP

Rachel Kite

Rachel Kite: LSP

David Medland

David Medland: LSP

Lucy Berrington

Lucy Berrington: LSP

Bailey Radburn

Bailey Radburn: LSP

Ollie Martin

Ollie Martin: LSP

Jenni Hawkins

Jenni Hawkins: LSP