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Achievement Data & Academic Results

SupaJam is proud of the achievement of all of our learners, from the successful completion of qualifications, to their destinations following on from SupaJam. 


Our Vocational Diploma results demonstrate high achievement across all levels, with over 90% of learners achieving a qualification for the last five years. 


Our Maths and English results reflect an improvement from our previous academic year, and has been an area of significant achievement for many of our learners.


Our approach of small group work and tailored programmes, coupled with a passionate team and the employment of a Maths and English Manager, continue to see successful outcomes within this department; not only though exam results, but by inspiring a love of learning for subjects that many of our learners did not know they could have.

Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 14.27.37.png


Level 3 students are in a

positive placement

- 2022


Destination Data:


of Alternative Provision students are in positive placements

- 2022



of our students stay with us and progress to higher levels


Retention Data:

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