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Staff at Black Deer Festival

Due to our success SupaJam is growing fast. We currently have bases in Swanley, Canterbury and Brighton. 
Working at SupaJam is unlike any other role in an education setting. Our young people have all struggled in life, largely through no fault of their own, and most have battled with often undiagnosed special educational needs.


To be part of a company that challenges the status quo, goes the extra mile for all our young people whilst immersed in the music industry is often challenging, but always rewarding.
At SupaJam we celebrate the skills a young person has, whether that's their neurodiversity, their love of contemporary music or their desire to learn about the music industry. We are a non political, non religious and non judgemental organisation who accepts young people as we find them and challenges them to achieve their goals and embrace their lives.
If you would like to be part of our organisation we have vacancies across our organisation including classroom TA's (we call them LSP's), Music Business teachers, and English and Maths teachers. 

As a private organisation we are able to reward ability and champion career development. Indeed we currently have a Centre Manager who started as a LSP with us. A member of the SLT who started as a LSP and a large cohort of our teaching staff that started as LSP's as well.

If you're interested in joining us come and take a look around and meet the team please email:


Charlotte O'Brien


David Court at Black Deer Festival
SupaJam Staff at Festival

"Having worked for myself for most of my adult life, I was looking forward to starting work somewhere I could be myself, make a difference and feel part of a supportive team. So far, all those expectations have been met. I am passionate about what Supajam stand for and am excited to be joining at a point where there is so much scope for growth."

Teacher in SupaJam

"The opportunities at Supajam are endless. I have loved watching the organisation grow since I started and it's great to be around so many talented people."

Tom Johnston,

Events and Creative Industries Manager

"Staff are super easy to work with and everyone has each other's backs."

Harvey Cave, IT and Administrator

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