Due to our success SupaJam is growing fast. We currently have bases in Swanley, Canterbury and Brighton with a fourth base planned for next year in central London. 


Working at SupaJam has its challenging times as we work with young people who have been let down by both formal education and the adult world. 


At SupaJam we celebrate the skills a young person has, whether that's their neurodiversity, their love of contemporary music or their desire to learn about the music industry. We are a non political, non religious and non judgemental organisation who accepts young people as we find them and challenges them to achieve their goals and embrace their lives.


If you would like to be part of our organisation we have vacancies across our organisation including classroom TA's (we call them LSP's), Music Business teachers, English and Maths teachers, Managers, Pastoral support and even Centre Managers for London.

Like many organisations in this sector we pay the best we can, but we do reward proven ability and champion career development. Indeed we currently have a Centre Manager who started as a LSP with us. A member of the SLT who started as a LSP and a large cohort of our teaching staff that started as LSP's as well.

If you're interested in joining us come and take a look around and meet the team please email Charlotte and she'll arrange a time.