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For many of our young people the world of work, or progression to higher education, can seem daunting.


At SupaJam we recognise this and to help ease the transition have built a raft of music themed, sheltered work experience opportunities within SupaJam's sister organisations.

These internal placements allow our students to experience the expectations of the work environment without the stress of having to work outside of their safe environment.

These include:

Black Deer


Every year this amazing 10,000 capacity music festival allows all our students to try out a raft of work experience opportunities including:

  • Artist Liaison

  • Stage Management

  • Performance

  • Sound and Lighting

  • Music Photography and Journalism

  • Radio broadcasting. 


Swan Studios

Working alongside our in house Producer, Sam Coppins, Swan Studios provides a professional recording studio environment allowing our students to experience a working recording studio before progressing on to a external work experience. 

The Music Shelf

Students get the opportunity to work as part of the sound and video production team for SuapJam's music YouTube channel. 

The Machine Room

Students take part in regular work experience opportunities as studio assistants at SupaJam's very own commercial radio station.

From September 2022 our students will be able to take part in work experience opportunities at SupaJam's stand alone music editorial website writing music reviews and editorial that is professionally published.

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