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Listen to this if you want a BIG advantage in the Music Industry

Ollie from Nich Crush came into our Canterbury radio studio recently to talk about how to break in and thrive in the music industry.

For any young person wanting a career in the music industry podcast gives you all the information you'll need!

In this episode, Ollie - who has had over 20 years experience in the music industry - breaks down how it all works and explains what you can do to make the most out of it!!!

Ollie from Niche Crush and

Chapters within the Podcast:

Starting a band and getting gigs

  • Finding band members

  • Reaching out to similar artists to network

  • How to set up gig swaps with bands in other towns

  • What to say in your messages to other bands

Music Industry Advice

  • What it was like running a music blog

  • How to find music industry jobs that aren’t on Indeed

  • Getting work experience

  • How to get your name as the one people think of and want to recommend

  • Tapping into the live music scene

  • How trying to do everything 100% online might not work that well

  • How to sell yourself to make it an easy “YES” for your dream employer

What are labels looking for?

  • What do A&R people look for?

  • What are labels NOT looking for?

  • How labels want everything as a great all round package

  • How do you get to the point of getting signed?

  • How managers can help you so much

  • Writing press releases

  • What NOT to send to industry people

  • What is a radio plugger?

  • Difference between radio plugger and PR?

  • How approaching independents first is a good idea


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