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Hello! And welcome to SupaJam!

When we first launched SupaJam Education with only 7 students in 2013 after successful careers in film, television and music, we could never have envisaged how much it would have grown.

Now with over 200 students, three bases in Swanley, Canterbury and Brighton and a fourth planned for central London in September 2023, SupaJam has successfully harnessed the power of music to engage traditionally hard to reach young people helping them access the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in later life.

SupaJam is built on three fundamental values; kindness, support and non-judgement. This creates the foundation for an environment which is safe, inclusive and also progressive for our young adults, particularly those who are looking for an alternative provision to mainstream education.

We hope you find this website helpful but please do contact us if there is anything further you need.


Nick Stillwell and David Court


Co-founders and Joint CEO's


To help vulnerable young people who have previously fallen out of formal education  to engage, achieve and progress in a unique, inclusive learning environment.


To provide a structured, supportive and non-judgemental educational experience. One that puts the students at the heart of everything we do and allows them to thrive and achieve to their full potential.

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